Life Events

Email & Calendar

Our shared calendar is web-based and seamlessly integrates with Outlook.  Administrators can specify sharing capabilities in the control panel. With sharing calendars as a firm member, you can:
  • Share your calendar with specified World Accounting Group associates.
  • View other associates's calendars within our firm.
  • Set all or individual events to public or private.
  • Schedule meetings and events with associates and outside firm clients.
  • Create calendar events, such as client appointments, meetings, holidays, and special events.
  • Create recurring events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Specify the specific start and end times for the projects, or create an all-day event.
  • Request an email reminder, which can be sent at specified time frames before the event begins.
  • Request a reminder, when you are logged in to your email or you may choose to have a text message sent to your mobile device.
  • View and print the calendar according to day, work week, week, or month.